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Bathroom Adaptations

Our independent living showroom is fitted out with the latest adaptations.   Featuring different options and idea's, making it easier to decide on what you do and don't need for your individual case.


Closomat Toilets

Closomat’s unique system allows the user to benefit from the toilet’s automatic functions. Wash and Dry toilets (sometimes referred to as “shower toilets”) combine the functions of a toilet, a bidet and a drier in one easy to use unit. The toilet flushes, washes the user with warm water, and
finally dries with warm air.



Bio Bidet is a toilet seat, bidet and dryer all in one and a brilliant space saver. It can replace most conventional toilet seats (see size guide) converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet or washlet.


Wet Rooms

Here at Afan Ability we know the boundaries some individuals face when showering. We specialise in shower & bathroom products that are designed to be used with ease and that accommodate additional needs of many users.

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