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Closomat Toilets

The Closomat Wash and Dry Toilet.

Definitive, classic, floor-standing system. The timeless design enjoys pure sleek lines. The Closomat can be easily personalised to suit individual needs. A full range of accessories, such as specialised seating, lifts and grab handles, can be specified at the installation stage, or added later as needs change. In fact, there are over 150,000 permutations, so you can be sure that even the most exacting requirements can be met. It’s the only toilet of its kind, specifically developed for elderly and disabled people, that is designed to properly support the user AND position you correctly for effective washing and drying.

  • Easy to use regardless of manual capability/dexterity

  • Removes hand/body contact and risk of faecal contamination

  • Enables the user to go to the toilet with little or no help

  • Can be used by all members of the household

  • Safe working load: 190kg/30st

How to use the Closomat Palma Vita


Press either elbow pad whilst standing for conventional flush.


Press elbow pad whilst seated and hold down for approximately 10-15 seconds, flushing and warm water washing will then take place.


Warm air drying automatically follows when elbow pad is released.

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