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Scooterpac Cabin Car

Road Scooter

Stay warm and dry all year round

Reduced mobility may force you to give up your car, but you don’t need to give up your taste for travelling in comfort. We can confidently say that the Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is the most luxurious mobility scooter on sale in the UK today.

It is full of show-stopping features, such as remote locking, a reversing camera inside the rear-view mirror, parking sensors to keep the paintwork safe and even heaters for the winter evenings!

Topping out at 8mph, the Cabin Car Mk2 Plus has enough juice to get you up to 30 miles on one charge, so you can wave goodbye to restrictions on your freedom in your new rear-view mirrors!

LED headlights, windscreen washer jets and windscreen wipers all work together to keep you seeing clearly whatever the weather, and the digital dashboard will make sure you always know your speed, charge level and distance travelled—no getting stuck halfway through a journey!

The Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is designed and hand-produced in the UK, meaning that it can be fully customised to your liking: Want a fun colour or print? Is there something we can do to make this super-stylish vehicle more comfortable? Get in touch and we can customise the Cabin Car Mk2Plus to your heart’s desire!

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Scooterpac Cabin Car
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